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Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad


  • State : Andhra Pradesh
  • City : Hyderabad
  • Status : Public University

Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad

Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University is one of the few language universities in the country. It was established as “Telugu University” on 2nd December 1985 through an Act of Legislation (Act No. 27 of 1985)  with head quarters at Hyderabad and campuses at Sri Sailam and Rajahmundry. Later in the year 1989 the Siddhendra Kalakshetram at Kuchipudi merged with the University. The School of Folk and Tribal Lore was established at Warangal during the year 1994.

This University was founded with the broad objectives of serving the cause of the Telugu people, both within the State and outside. For this purpose, the state government has merged the Sahitya, Sangeetha, Nataka, Nritya and Lalitha Kala Academies, International Telugu Institute and Telugu Bhasha Samithi into the University. Thus, the University was established to function as a central organization for teaching and research in Language and Literature, History and Culture, Fine Arts and Performing Arts, religion and philosophy of the Telugu speaking people. It strives to inculcate a sense of identity in them as citizens of India and as responsible representatives of Andhra Pradesh. This University was renamed as Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University in the year 1998. The University Grants Commission has recognized the University as fit to receive financial grants since 2nd May1990.

This is a University with a special mission and direction. The major objectives of the University are promotion and advancement of Telugu language, literature, fine arts and culture. The University has culture-based academics with a four- pronged approach for knowledge dissemination, i.e., Teaching, Research, Publications and Extension Activities.

The main objectives are:
* To function as a Research Centre in Telugu language, Literature, Fine Arts and Culture;
* To impart training to those residing within and beyond India in studying Telugu language, literature, fine arts, culture and allied subjects;
* To facilitate and regulate advanced study and research in art, culture, music, stage-plays, painting, sculpture, architecture, archaeology, language, literature, grammar, linguistics, history, religion etc.,
* To translate books from other languages into Telugu and vice-versa.
* To develop Telugu as a language of modern knowledge and medium of instruction.
* To compile and publish Telugu words, expressions, colloquial terms, mutual borrowings, words peculiar to industries and other occupations which are used by Telugu speaking people in the State of Andhra Pradesh and also in other countries where Telugu speaking people live.
* To compile epigraphs relating to Telugu language, culture and History and publish them.
* To provide for research and determine the procedure regarding development of Telugu language embodying in itself all the educational fields existing in the developing world and evolving suitable approach therefor.

Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University
Lalitha Kala Kshetram
Public Gardens
Pin : 500 004
Andhra Pradesh
Email : info@teluguuniversity.ac.in

Other Email Addresses

Vice Chancellor vc@teluguuniversity.ac.in
Registrar registrar@teluguuniversity.ac.in
Computer Cell computercell@teluguuniversity.ac.in
Distance Education distance@teluguuniversity.ac.in

Website: teluguuniversity.ac.in

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