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ITM University Gurgaon, Haryana


  • State : Haryana
  • City : Gurgaon
  • Status : Private University

ITM University Gurgaon, Haryana

ITM University ( formerly Institute of Technology and Management) was founded in 1996, to promote excellence in Technical and Management education by Educate India Society, registered under the Registration of Societies Act of 1860.


The University was conceived in response to the acute deficiency of centers of higher learning in the country as also, the need to develop relevant human capital to meet the technology and management challenges of the 21st century.


The founders had a clear and well defined mission - to build an unaided, self - financed University committed to delivering education of internationally recognized standards, a University that would go on to serve as an intellectual resource base in India and the sub-continent.

"Our aim from the beginning has been to make this University the most eminent in the country, in order to draw to it the youth of every State"

Committed to making a profound and lasting contribution to society, ITM University recognises no more exalted role than that of "Educated Citizens" - citizens with a powerful sense of fairness, a profound belief in democratic ideals and a willingness to celebrate talent of many kinds. For the founders, this goal is rich with meaning.

ITM University stands faithful to the vision of its founders - it seeks students and faculty who take seriously their commitment to their community and their world, who are aware, active and involved. Students who graduate from ITM University are expected to understand the technological, environmental and ethical challenges they will face in a world of accelerating change. Recognizing that those challenges will transcend the traditional boundaries between disciplines and nations, ITM University encourages education that is distinctively interdisciplinary and international.
" Yatha Drishti, Thatha Srishti As the Vision, so the World "

Continuous efforts are made to realize this goal by providing a unique learning environment in which, the faculty and the students, share the responsibility for learning.

The University's commitment to totally merit based decisions in every aspect of its operations constitutes an integral part of this learning environment; from selection of faculty and staff, to admission and evaluation of students. All programs of the University adhere to this core philosophy.

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