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Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University ajmer


  • State : Rajasthan
  • City : Ajmer
  • Status : Public University

Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University ajmer

The Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer is a comparatively young University of the country which came into existence on 1st August, 1987.

Ever since its inception the University has for the last 25 years never settled for a slow pace – it has steadily and successfully marched on the road to development attaining several milestones during its journey of growth and progress. There has been an astonishing growth in the University infrastructure which includes magnificent buildings, hi-tech science laboratories, a state-of-the-art Computer Centre, a prestigious Library, an Administrative and Examination Block, a Science and a Management Block and a highly impressive Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat.

There has been a simultaneous increase in the number of affiliated colleges and the academic scenario has reached new horizons. There are promising job oriented courses and intensive research oriented programmes. There are also Self financing courses in several teaching departments. The University was accredited as B++ by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore in 2004. The University is now in the process of reaccreditation by the NAAC.

The C-Net center, EDU-SAT, campus wide-networking using OFC 6  core are all a reflection of the emphasis of the University to the fact that gaining knowledge can no longer be restricted to the four walls of any institution. There is always scope to explore research and discover while sailing through the process of gaining education.

The teaching departments and centres of learning at the university campus include Botany, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Environmental Science, Food Science and Nutrition, History, Journalism, Law, Library and Information Science, Management Studies, Microbiology, Political Science, Population Studies, Pure & Applied Chemistry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics, Sanskrit, Yogic Sciences and Human Consciousness, Zoology and Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (CESBM). There are 226 Government and Private Colleges affiliated to this University, which are spread over 4 districts of the state of Rajasthan.


Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University
2, Pushkar By-Pass Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305009
Phone: 0145 278 7056
Website: http://www.mdsuexam.org/


Colleges Affilated to Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University ajmer
  1. Agarwal Girls College, Kishangarh (Ajmer)
  2. Alok Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, Kekri (Ajmer)
  3. Arya Narayani Devi T.T. College, Ajmer
  4. Aryabhatt International College, Ajmer
  5. Aryan International College, Ajmer
  6. Bala Satiji Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Ajmer
  7. Beawar College of Management, Science & Technology, Beawar (Ajmer)
  8. Central Academy Teachers Training College, Ajmer
  9. Dayanand Arya Balika Mahavidyalaya, Beawar (Ajmer)
  10. DAV College, Ajmer
  11. Dezyne ECole College, Ajmer
  12. Gayatri Shaktipeeth Kanya Mahavdiyalaya, Pushkar (Ajmer)
  13. Government College, Ajmer
  14. Government College, Kekri (Ajmer)
  15. Government College, Kishangarh (Ajmer)
  16. Government College, Nasirabad (Ajmer)
  17. Government Girls College, Ajmer
  18. Government Law College, Ajmer
  19. Gulab Devi Mundra Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Masuda (Ajmer)
  20. Seth HBM Adarsh Degree College, Ajmer
  21. Hari Bhau Upadhyaya Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Hatundi, Ajmer
  22. Hukum Chand National Institute of Science & Technolgy, Ajmer
  23. Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, Ajmer
  24. Jialal Institute of Education, Ajmer
  25. K.D. JainMahila Mahavidyalaya, Kishangarh (Ajmer)
  26. Lawrence & Mayo Girls College, Ajmer
  27. Management & Commerce Institute of Global Synergy, Ajmer
  28. Narayana Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Ajmer
  29. R.S.V.V.S.P.S. College, Ajmer
  30. Regional Institute of Education, Ajmer
  31. Sanatan Dharm Physical T.T. College, Kekri (Ajmer)
  32. S. D. Government College, Beawar (Ajmer)
  33. SMS Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Beawar (Ajmer)
  34. Suraj Narayan Pareek Mahila T.T. College, Pushkar (Ajmer)
  35. Sanskriti Computer Education College, Beawar (Ajmer)
  36. Savitri Girls College, Ajmer
  37. Seth Phool Chand Chhitarmal Jain Mahavidyalaya, Pisangan (Ajmer)
  38. Mishri Lal Dubey Girls T. T. College, Kekri (Ajmer)
  39. Shri Onkar Singh Memorial Women Teachers Training College, Ajmer
  40. Shri Jain College, Kekri (Ajmer)
  41. S. P. Mahavidyalaya, Bijainagar (Ajmer)
  42. Sophia Girls College, Ajmer
  43. Star Infotech College, Ajmer
  44. System College, Ajmer
  45. T. N. Mishra Memorial College, Ajmer
  46. Tagore T. T. College, Kekri (Ajmer)
  47. Shri Vardhman Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Beawar (Ajmer)
  48. Swasthya Kalyan Institute of Naturopathy and Yogi Science,
  49. Bright India Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Ajmer
  50. Smt Rama Devi B. Ed. College, Bijainagar (Ajmer)
  51. Maa Saraswati Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Ajmer
  52. Tank Shiksha Niketan TT College, Ajmer
  53. Gurukul Teachers Institute, Kekri (AjmeR)
  54. S. S. Rathore Memorial T. T. College, Ajmer
  55. St. Stephen Educational Society, Madanganj-Kishangarh (Ajmer)
  56. Ajmer IT College, Ajmer
  57. Acharya Shri Tulsi Amrit Mahavidyalaya, Gangapur (Bhilwara)
  58. Dev Mahavidyalaya, Jahajpur (Bhilwara)
  59. Shri Gandhi Physical T.T. College, Gulabpura (Bhilwara)
  60. Gandhi T.T. College, Gulabpura (Bhilwara)
  61. Government College, Mandalgarh (Bhilwara)
  62. Government Law College, Bhilwara
  63. Indira Professional Sansthan, Gulabpura (Bhilwara)
  64. Kanchan Devi College of Computer Science, Bhilwara
  65. Kanchan Devi Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Bhilwara
  66. M.L.V. Government College, Bhilwara
  67. Maharshi Dadhich Mahavidyalaya, Aasind (Bhilwara)
  68. Smt. NDV Mahila T.T. College, Bhilwara
  69. Smt. NDV Women Physical T.T. College, Bhilwara
  70. PSB Government College, Shahpura (Bhilwara)
  71. Pathik Mahavidyalaya Bijolia (Bhilwara)
  72. Ravindra Nath Tagore Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Aasind (Bhilwara)
  73. Roopi Devi Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Mandal (Bhilwara)
  74. S.M.M. Girls College, Bhilwara
  75. Shri Gandhi Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Gulabpura (Bhilwara)
  76. Smt. Sushila Devi Mathur Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Bhilwara
  77. Vidhya Professional & Technical College, Bhilwara
  78. Rajasthan Anchlik Mahavidyalaya, Aasind (Bhilwara)
  79. Shree Ji T.T. College, Bijaulian (Bhilwara)
  80. Mahaprabhu Swami Ramcharan Kanya Vidyapeeth, Shahpura (Bhilwara)
  81. Anuvrat Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Mandal (Bhilwara)
  82. Green Valley College of Education, Bhilwara
  83. Pearl T.T. College, Bhilwara
  84. Kanchan Devi Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahpura (Bhilwara)
  85. Sita Devi Mahavidyalaya, Bhilwara
  86. Vinayak Matrishakti College, Bhunas (Bhilwara)
  87. Shri Guru Panna Girls College, Gulabpura (Bhilwara)
  88. Swift College, Bhilwara
  89. Adarsh B.Ed. College, Merta City (Nagaur)
  90. Agarwal College, Merta City (Nagaur)
  91. Agarwal Girls College, Merta City (Nagaur)
  92. Agarwal T.T. Girls College, Merta City (Nagaur)
  93. Agarwal Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Merta City (Nagaur)
  94. B. R. Mirdha Government College, Nagaur
  95. Bhartiya Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Makarana (Nagaur)
  96. Choti Devi Memorial Girls B.Ed. College, Deedwana (Nagaur)
  97. Dr. Radhakrishan T.T. College, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  98. Geetanjali B.Ed. College, Borawar (Nagaur)
  99. Government Bangur College, Deedwana (Nagaur)
  100. Government College, Merta City (Nagaur)
  101. Government Girls College, Nagaur
  102. Government Law College, Nagaur
  103. Kuchaman College, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  104. B. R. Kabra Kuchaman Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  105. Shri Madhav Mahavidyalaya, Ladnu (Nagaur)
  106. Madi Devi Memorial B.Ed. College, Rianbari (Nagaur)
  107. Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Deedwana (Nagaur)
  108. Marwar Mahavidyalaya, Degana Junction (Nagaur)
  109. Marwar Mahavidyalaya, Parbatsar (Nagaur)
  110. Matribhoomi Degree College, Borawar (Nagaur)
  111. S. K. Greenwood Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Deedwana (Nagaur)
  112. Shri Sainah Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Badayali (Nagaur)
  113. Saraswati Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavdiyalaya, Banthri (Nagaur)
  114. Sarvodaya Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavdiyalaya, Nagaur
  115. Seema Memorial Mahavidyalaya, Parbatsar (Nagaur)
  116. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Nawashahar (Nagaur)
  117. Shaheed Surendra Singh Mahavidyalaya, Keevansar (Nagaur)
  118. Sharda Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Degana Junction (Nagaur)
  119. Shri Madhav Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Deedwana (Nagaur)
  120. Tagore Shikshak Prashikshan Sansthan, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  121. Veer Teja Mahavidyalaya, Nagaur
  122. Veer Teja Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Moondwa (Nagaur)
  123. Veer Teja Mahila Shikshan & Shodh Sansthan, Moondwa (Nagaur)
  124. Tagore College, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  125. Balaji College, Kuchaman (Nagaur)
  126. Navodaya College of Professional Education, Nagaur
  127. Shri Narayan Teachers Training School, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  128. Maa Sharda B.Ed. College, Deh (Nagaur)
  129. B.R. Khokhar Memorial Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  130. Balaji T.T. College, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  131. Gramothhan Vidyapeeth Sansthan, Nagaur
  132. Ravindra Nath Tagore Shikshan Sansthan, Deedwana (Nagaur)
  133. Shri Ganesh Chandra T.T. College, Merta City (Nagaur)
  134. Maa Durgamata B.Ed. College, Merta City (Nagaur)
  135. Kuchaman College of Education, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  136. Naveen Vidyapeeth T.T. College, Ladnun (Nagaur)
  137. Bhartiya Teachers Training College, Ladnun (Nagaur)
  138. Makarana T.T. College, Makarana (Nagaur)
  139. Shri Swai T.T. College, Deedwana (Nagaur)
  140. Seema Memorial B. Ed. College, Parbatsar (Nagaur)
  141. Shri Ram Mahila T.T. College, Makarana (Nagaur)
  142. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Nawashahar (Nagaur)
  143. Mahadev B.Ed. College, Chhoti Khatu (Nagaur)
  144. Hind T.T. College, Nagaur
  145. Vaidanti Shiksha Mahavidyalaya, Degana (Nagaur)
  146. Jai Marudhar Kesari B.Ed. College, Merta City (Nagaur)
  147. Nischaya Mahavidyalaya, Nagaur
  148. Gurukul B.Ed. College, Gothan (Nagaur)
  149. Sandesh College (Nagaur)
  150. Adarsh College, Kuchaman City (Nagaur)
  151. Aradhana Balika Mahavidyalaya, Niwai (Tonk)
  152. Dev Kanya Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Deoli (Tonk)
  153. Dev Kanya P.G. Mahavidyalaya, Deoli (Tonk)
  154. Dev Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Tonk
  155. Dr. Ambedkar B. Ed. College, Tonk
  156. Dr. Ambedkar Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Tonk
  157. Eklavya Teachers Training College, Tonk
  158. Eminent Academic Girls College, Diggi Malpura (Tonk)
  159. Eminent T.T. Girls College, Diggi Malpura (Tonk)
  160. Government College, Deoli (Tonk)
  161. Government College, Malpura (Tonk)
  162. Government College, Uniara (Tonk)
  163. Government Girls College, Tonk
  164. Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Niwai (Tonk)
  165. Maharana Pratap Mahavidyalaya, Uniara (Tonk)
  166. Mother Land Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Tonk
  167. Mother Land Mahavidyalaya, Tonk
  168. Nehru Mahavidyalaya, Tonk
  169. Pannadhay Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Tonk
  170. Patel Mahavidyalaya, Niwai (Tonk)
  171. Pt. J. P. Upadhyaya T.T. College, Tonk
  172. Rajeev Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Kukkar (Tonk)
  173. Rajeev Gandhi Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Tonk
  174. Saint Soldier Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Tonk
  175. Saint Soldier Mahila T.T. College, Tonk
  176. Shri Kalyan Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Niwai (Tonk)
  177. Shri Kalyan Women Teachers Training College, Tonk
  178. Rajeev Gandhi Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Kookar (Tonk)
  179. Rekha Devi Memorial T.T. Institute, Malpura (Tonk)
  180. Adarsh Teacher Training College, Deoli (Tonk)
  181. Star Infotech College, Deoli (Tonk)
  182. Saint Joseph College for Higher Studies, Tonk
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