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North Bengal University, Darjeeling


  • State : West Bengal
  • City : Darjeeling
  • Status : Public University

North Bengal University, Darjeeling

he University of North Bengal was established by Act of the Legislature of West Bengal in 1962 and assigned the mandate of providing teaching,training and research in various branches of advanced learning , and promoting the dissemination of knowledge to fulfill growing socio-economic and technical manpower needs in the six North Bengal districts and the neighbouring state of Sikkim . The campus occupies an area of about 330 acres 9 km outside Siliguri and Bagdogra Airport in the Terai region of Darjeeling district.The University Act was revised under West Bengal Act of XXV of 1981 and it came into force with effect from September 16 , 1981.

    Occupying the latitudinal and longitudinal ranges of 24040'20''[Malda] and 87045'50''E[Malda]to 89o54'35''E[Koch Bihar],respectively,the region includes 6 distinct climate regions ranging from tropical to rival within its span from the Barind plain of Bengal to the High Himalaya. It condequently witnesses an altiudinal range of 21 msl. along the Ganga watered in Malda district upto 8467 msl. at the Kanchendzonga peak in Sikkim. Normal annual precipitation in the region varies from just 1453mm in Malda district to 3508 in Koch Bihar district, crossing 5600mm p.a. in the Eastern hill tracts that neighbour Bhutan. With its proximity to the southermost sweep of the Himalaya and to the Bay of Bengal, the North Bengal region plays a critical role in the formation and circulation of the South West monsoon system. Heavy precipitation and runoff near the Himalayan ranges has led to the undulating topography of the region and to the formation of vast floodplains around the rivers of the Ganga-Brahmaputra interfluve which drain the region. Of these , the principal rivers flow within the Tista basin.


    The University has played a pioneering role since inception in spreading higher education and inculcating scientific attitudes within the predominantly rural areas that comprise its vast jurisdictional territory.Well over 36,000 undegraduate students and over 1500 postgraduate students and scholars now enrol at different courses under the University during any given year. Besides the territory under its immediate jurisdiction , the University also gets students and scholars from adjoining areas in Bihar and the North Eastern states,as also from SAARC countries like Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Several pioneering contributions made by researchers at the university have contributed to wider understanding of the special problems that confront the Eastern Himalayan and sub-Himalayan region and have provided practical inputs for current developmental interventions in the region.


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