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Gauhati University, Guwahati


  • State : Assam
  • City : Guwahati
  • Status : Public University

Gauhati University, Guwahati

The prime vision of the university is to revitalize its educational leadership and transform the University from an institution of higher education to an institution of higher development of the intellect, the will and the moral through continuous self-development, collaboration and sharing of knowledge with institutions of excellence that would place it among the most sought-after institutions in the Country as well as the World.

One of the major academic reforms undertaken by the University since 2000-2001 is the introduction of the Semester system at the Pst-Graduate level, and the continuous Internal Evaluation System. Syllabi of the PG courses have been revised from time to time incorporating many new innovative and contemporary subjects. The course curriculum has been designed to put emphasis on the overall development of the students with more stress on the development of the skills, positive attitude, good-habit formation and value education. Moreover, the course curriculum is multi and inter disciplinary in approach, and has been designed, as far as possible in a modern form, so as to combine in a different way to offer programme flexibility, options to the students, and to help the departments so that they can slowly switch over to the credit-based system. The use of computers and modern teaching technology in the classroom instruction are available in almost all departments of th University.

Some of the focused objectives are:

o To become a leading University in the Country and to set high standards of excellence in the preservation, creation and dissemination of knowledge through teaching, learning, research, innovation and experiment, and to serve as an effective instrument development and change of the State of Assam and for the Country, to pass on faithfully and comprehensively the cultural, scientific and technological experience of mankind accumulated over the last century, thereby ensuring the continuity and advancement of human civilization,

o To conduct pioneering research works in the frontier areas of knowledge,

o To introduce modular-based structure, multi and inter disciplinary approach in selected PG departments and to increase options and flexibility to the students in every PG department,

o To strengthen the extension education services to the society,

o To undertake faculty development programmes through training programmes, self-appraisal, student-feedback, participation in seminars, workshops, etc.,

o To grow and achieve excellence through collaboration with the institutions of higher learning and research in the country and abroad and through industry linkage, University-Industry interface,

o To introduce computer application in the classroom instructions and in the administrative, financial and academic activities,

o The North Eastern region is rich in biodiversity, biomass, thousands of rare flora and fauna, scenic beauty with many tourist spots, natural resources like oil, gas, coal, forest, water bodies, medicinal plants, etc. the exploitation of these resources of economic development, and their preservation is a major challenge. Gauhati University has been contributing towards these efforts, and is now keen to play a key role in the future,

o The North Eastern region has a population size of 3.5 crores with 206 tribes comprising about 50% of the total population, and several ethnic groups with more than 150 languages and dialects, distinct culture and costumes. The integration of these ethnic groups into the Indian Mainstream had been the major challenge of the Government of India since independence, and Gauhati University has been playing a major role on this front,

o Economic integration and cultural links of North East India with immediate neighbouring countries, viz. Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, and Tibet are very important features, and the University is keen on playing a pivotal role in this direction.


Contact us :

The Registrar, Gauhati University, Gopinath Bardoloi Nagar, Guwahati - 781014, Assam, India.

Ph: 0361-2570415 (o), 2674243, Email- registrar@gauhati.ac.in,

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