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Magadh University, Bodh Gaya


  • State : Bihar
  • City : Gaya
  • Status : Public University

Magadh University, Bodh Gaya

The University owes it very name Magadh from the ancient Empire "Magadh" which has got its historic identity and also represents the Magadh region as the core of historic - cultural apex of the state. At the time of independence, Patna University was the only university of state which was imparting postgraduate teaching. In 1952 Patna University was given a status of teaching - cum residential University with the selected colleges established in Patna along the Ashok Raj Path. The other colleges of the state were brought under the control of Bihar University , a newly University created. Consequently several colleges were established to impart education to the remote areas a separated Bihar has today 12 Universities - Patna , Bihar , Magadh, Bhagalpur , Mithila, JP, VKS, BN Mandal, Nalanda Open, Sanskrit, Arabic and Chankya. Magadh University is the largest and the most popular one.Magadh University came into existence after the Government of Bihar passed act for this University in 1961 .The functioning started since the 2nd March 1962, initially in Red House of Gaya for the official purposes and the teachings in two rented buildings - Jamuar Kothi and Dora Kothi. In the beginning teachings were introduced only in seven subjects - English, Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Hindi and Philosophy. The present campus was founded by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the then president of our Republic of India on the August 20,1964 . The Post Graduate teachings in Sciences - Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology - were started in 1966 in the buildings of Gaya College . After three and four years the office and departments were shifted on the present campus in 1969 and 1972. Again the university kept expanding with the passage of times when other subjects i.e. Psychology, Pol. Science , AIAS, Applied Economic and Commerce, Sanskrit, Pali, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sociology, Labour and Social Welfare, Journalism and Buddhist studies were added. Most recently teachings of Distant Education has been started. Moreover, a few colleges of the Universities, - Gaya College , Gaya , Nalanda College , Biharsarif, S. Sinha College, Aurangabad , College of Commerce , Patna , A. N. College , Patna , J. D. Women's College, Patna , B. D. Evening College , TPS College and RLSY College , Bakhtiarpur are imparting also Post Graduate and other professional and vocational educations. The teachings in Medical, Engineering Education and law are also done here. Thus the university rsitv serves the greater cause of the society and the nation.

Magadh University is today one of the largest universities of Bihar and India . The University has developed horizontally and vertically having 24 post Graduate Departments, 44 Constituent and 85 affiliated Colleges, altogether with above 2 lakh students and 2 thousand teachers. Prof. Dr.Arvind Kumar , an academician of excellence is the Vice - Chancellor. The university expands over an area comprising of Gaya , Jehanabad, Patna , Nalanda, Nawada and Aurangabad districts. The areas of Bhojpur, Buxar and Rohtas and Kaimur districts have been separated under a new University - Veer Kunwar Singh University , with its headquarters at Ara in October 1992. The headquarters of this university is established at Gaya , about 2.5 Km away from the world famed heritage site of Mahabodhi Mahavihara or the Great Temple . The Gaya - Dobhi National Highway No. 83 passes by and gives it passage to east - west connections with other urban centres of the country. It is 16 Km from Gaya , linked with Railways communication getting linkages with Delhi - Kolkata and also from Patna - the Capital city of the state. The recently built up International Airport will further facilitate its academic importance to countries like Thailand , Srilanka , Myanmar , Colombia , Vietnam , Japan , Korea , China , Singapore and others. Naturally, the University is fortunate to have this background to remain developing in coming days.

Colleges Affilated to Magadh University, Bodh Gaya
  1. A.M. College, Gaya
  2. A.N.S College, Nabinagar
  3. A.N. College, Patna
  4. Arvind Mahila College, Patna
  5. B.D Evening College, Patna
  6. B. S College, Danapur, Patna
  7. College of Commerce, Patna
  8. A.N.S College, Barh, Patna
  9. Daudnagar College, Daudnagar
  10. G. B M College, Gaya
  11. Gaya College, Gaya
  12. Ganga Devi Mahila College, Patna
  13. G. J College Rambagh, Bihta, Patna
  14. J. J College, Gaya
  15. J. D Womens College, Patna
  16. J. N.L College, Khagaul, Patna
  17. Kishori Sinha Mahila College, Aurangabad
  18. K.L.S College, Nawadah
  19. Kisan College, Sohsarai
  20. Mahila College, Khagaul, Patna
  21. M. D College, Naubatpur, Patna
  22. M. M College, Bikram, PatnaPatna
  23. Nalanda College, Biharsarif
  24. A.N.S. College, Jehanabad
  25. B.B.M. College, Okari
  26. Fathehput Sanda College, Arwal
  27. Jehanabad College, Jahanabad
  28. Madhav College, Nehalpur
  29. R.L.S.Y. College, Jehanabad
  30. R.C.S. College, Kurtha
  31. S.K.M. College, Jehanabad
  32. S.J.S College, Kurtha
  33. Abdul Kayarn Ansari College, Jehanabad
  34. Magadh College, Sakurabad, Jehanabad
  35. A.N.S.M. College, Aurangabad
  36. Dr. K. K. Mandal College, Daudnagar
  37. Dr. V. K. Singh College, Rafiganj
  38. K.S.Y. College, Barun
  39. Mahila College, Daudnagar
  40. M.P. College, Belsara
  41. T.B.D.S. Janta College, Goh
  42. Krishak College, Pakriwarama
  43. Mahila College, Warsaliganj
  44. S.K.M. College, Nawadah
  45. S.R.S. College, Nawadah
  46. Nawadah Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Nawadah
  47. Alma Equbal College, Biharsharif
  48. Degree College, Islampur
  49. G.D.M. College, Harnaut
  50. K.S.T. College, Salempur
  51. L.S.T. College, Angaridham
  52. M.B. College, Nalanda
  53. M.M. College, Chandi
  54. P.M.S. College, Paharpura
  55. R. Lal College, Alinagar
  56. R.L.S.Y. College, Biharsharif
  57. R.P.S. College, Harnaut
  58. Soghra College, Biharsharif
  59. S.P. College, Hilsa
  60. Sadanand College, Biharsharif
  61. V.M. College, Pawapuri
  62. Dr. Ram Raj Singh Mahila College, Chandi
  63. Nalanda Sodh Sansthan
  64. S.H. Mahila College, Hilsa
  65. B.N. College, SobhBarachati,Gaya
  66. C.S. Janta College, Gaya
  67. Gaya Eve. College, Gaya
  68. M.S.Y. College, Gaya
  69. Mahila College, Tekari
  70. M.G. College, Gaya
  71. Mahavir College, Gaya
  72. Mabodhi College, Belaganj
  73. R.L.S.Y. College, Gaya
  74. S.D. College, Paraiya
  75. S.M. College, Bodh-Gaya
  76. S.G.M. College, Gaya
  77. Wazirgan College, Warzirganj
  78. B.R.S.Y. College, Kanhauli,Patna
  79. B.B.M.B.G.K. College, Bihta
  80. B.L.P. College, Masauri
  81. C.M. Mahila College, Patna
  82. Daymanti Devi Mahila College, Patna
  83. Danapur Degree Mahila College, Danapur
  84. D.N. College, Masauri
  85. Firoz Gandhi College, Karbighia
  86. Govt. Girls College, Gardanibagh
  87. Govt. Girls College, Gulzarbagh
  88. Jyoti Kunwar College, Fathehpur
  89. K.P.S. College, Nadwan
  90. K.I. Mahila College, Patna
  91. L.P. Sahi College, Patna
  92. Muslim Sc. College, Patna
  93. N.J.S. College, Bakhtiarpur
  94. Oriental College, Patnacity
  95. P.L.S. College, Masaurhi
  96. P.N.K. College, Achhua
  97. R.P.S. College, Patna
  98. R.P.S. Mahila College, Patna
  99. R.R.P. College, Bhergawan
  100. R.L.S.Y. College, Anisabad
  101. S.G.D.M. College, Patna
  102. Sidharth Mahila College, Patna
  103. S.G. Mahila College, Patna
  104. S.K.M.V. College, Fathua
  105. S.B.R. College, Barh
  106. S.S.D. Mahila College, Barh
  107. Ramesh Jha Mahila College, Patna
  108. Bihar Institute of Law
  109. Buddha Institute of Dental Se
  110. C.P. Verma College, Sermai, Patna
  111. K.B. Mahila College, Patna
  112. Rashmi Devi Smarak Mahila College, Patna
  113. Nalanda Medical College, Patna
  114. R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology
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