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Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar


  • State : Gujrat
  • City : Jamnagar
  • Status : Public University

Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar

In 1944 a palacious building was constructed with generous contribution of the King of Nawanagar (Jamnagar) and some other rich persons at the cost of Rs.60, 00,000/- and the building was named as "Dhanwantari Mandir".

Under the banner of Shri Gulabkunwarba Ayurvedic Society renowned and enthusiastic physician of Ayurveda were collected and they materialized the gigantic job of the translation of 'Charak Sanhita' in three languages i.e. English, Hindi & Gujarati which was published by the society in six volumes.
On July 1st 1946 in Jamnagar a college for Ayurvedic Studies was established and named as Shri Gulabkunwarba Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya by the G.K. Ayurvedic Society. Renowned Ayurvedic physician of the era Vaidya Yadavji Trikramaji adorned the college as a first Principal.

After independence in 1947 Govt. of India started to work for revival of Ayurveda and few committees were appointed and they recommended the establishment of one advance Institution of Ayurveda. By that time Jamnagar had got infrastructure and name as seat of Ayurvedic learning. Hence in 1954 Govt. of India started a premier research center for Ayurveda in Jamnagar named as "Central Institute for Research in Indigenous System of Medicine (CIRISM)" with Dr. P. M. Mehta as its Director.   Pharmacy Building
    Pharmacy Building

In 1956 Govt. of India had started another Institute in Jamnagar named as Post Graduate Training Center for Ayurveda (PGTCA) with Vaidya Bhaskar V. Gokhale as its Principal. In 1963 Govt. of India and Govt. of Gujarat jointly decided to amalgamate three Institutions viz. Shri G. A. Mahavidyalaya, CIRISM & PGTCA and named it as Institute for Ayurvedic Studies and Research (IASR).

In some big cities of Gujarat State viz. Surat, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Vadodara and Tankara Ayurvedic colleges were already in existence. This prompted the assembly of Gujarat State to pass legislation on 17.12.1965 to establish a University named as Gujarat Ayurveda University with its head quarter in Jamnagar. This University came in existence on January 5th, 1967 with Institute for Post Graduate Teaching & Research and other Ayurvedic Colleges of Gujarat State as affiliated colleges.

Gujarat Ayurved University was established in 1967 by an act passed by Gujarat State legislative Assembly in 1965. It is the first statutory University of its Kind both at national and international level - exclusively devoted to Ayurvedic studies and Research. This University is administratively linked to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare both at State and Centre-indicating its special status.
 Gujarat Ayurved University is an academic and institution of higher learning established in 1967 by an Act of Gujarat State Assembly. This university is an autonomous organization fully financed by Govt.of Gujarat State. University looks after the management of the Institutes and Colleges situated in the campus along with conducting the examination of all the degree/diplomas awarded by the University. This University has three wings.

    Administrative wing and the centers working directly under University.
    Constituent Institutes and Colleges working in the campus.
    Affiliated colleges of Ayurveda whose examinations are conducted by the University.

    Jamnagar, the main seat of princely state of Nawanagar was well known as a seat of oriental studies. It has a long list of renowned Ayurvedic physicians like Zandu Bhattji and Rasa Vaidya Bavabhai Achalji. The rulers of this state have patronised Ayurveda since very early days. During the regime of Jam Saheb Digvijay Singhji in 1940's and onwards Dr P.M. Mehta was court physician (trained in western medicine). He was a great learner and visionary. Dr. Mehta impressed upon the king and the queen of Jamnagar to establish a center for Ayurvedic Studies. Hence, Shri Gulabkunwarba Ayurvedic Society was established in 1940.

Colleges Affilated to Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar
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